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    The Book of Exodus; Parting of the Red Sea
    Here we see the entire vision of Parting of the Red Sea, an extraordinary tribute to the miraculous story of the Israelite Exodus from Egypt. This picture was created by writing every word of the entire Book of Exodus: Moses holds his staff aloft, the waters part, the Jewish people, led by Aaron, Joshua and Caleb son of Yefuneh, pass through the columns of water, majestically towering above them, in the thousands, . The Pillar of Fire and Cloud of Glory are radiating and rumbling in the background as the waters begin returning to their natural state, crashing down on the advancing Egyptian army. Playing her tambourine, Miriam leads the women as they rejoice together breaking out in songs of thanks and praise to the G-d of Israel for bringing them safely through the parted waters.
    In amazingly intricate detail, sea urchins, starfish, clams and coral, flutes, harps and castanets illuminate this awesome explosion of color, spirit and strength, depicting the entire Book of Exodus in The Parting of the Red Sea. The Exodus story comes brilliantly to life in Ellen Miller Braun's wonderous illustration of this historical event. The Book of Exodus has found a worthy home in this breathtaking Biblical micro calligraphy artwork.

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Parting of the Red Sea

Parting of the Red Sea
Braun, Ellen

For Sale by Artist

Karnei Shomron, Israel

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